General weather today:

A low pressure system will move from France towards the Mediterranean, determining the weather conditions over the next few days.

General weather tomorrow:

A depression over the Mediterranean will bring very humid air masses towards the Alps.

Il tempo domani:

The day will be very cloudy and it will start to rain and snow from the south as the day progresses. The snow line is between 800 and 1100 m.

Temp. min.: 5°
Temp. max.: 7°

Maximum temperatures between 4° and 7°.

Weather tomorrow:

Widespread precipitation in the morning, especially in the areas affected by the stau from the south between Val d'Ultimo and Val Passiria. The snow line will be between 600 and 1000 m above sea level. In the afternoon, the phenomena will diminish and the snow line will rise to about 1500 m.

Temp. min.: 5°
Temp. max.: 10°

Maximum temperatures between 6° and 9°.

Mountain weather today:

Visibility will be reduced and locally light snowfall will occur. In the afternoon, snowfall will become more widespread from the southern sectors.

Temperature in 2.000m: -5°
Temperature in 3.000m: -8°
0° limit: 1200 m

Mountain weather tomorrow:

During the first part of the day there will be widespread snowfall with moderate to heavy intensity. In the afternoon, precipitation will be weaker. The snow line will rise to 1500 m, locally to higher altitudes.

Temperature in 2.000m: -1°
Temperature in 3.000m: -5°
0° limit: 1600 m

Weather development

Variable weather is expected on Wednesday with some precipitation especially during the first part of the day. On Thursday, sunny weather at times and no precipitation. On Friday, clouds will tend to increase again with the possibility of a few showers towards the evening. Snow above 1500 m. Also on Saturday, clouds will prevail with local showers in the afternoon.

Wednesday 28.02 Thursday 29.02 Friday 01.03
5 / 12° 4 / 15° 5 / 14°

Source: Hydrographic office Autonomous province of Bozen and Weather South Tyrol